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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Venue For Your Wedding

The date of the wedding’s been set. You and your fiancé have decided that a spring wedding is the wedding you both want. You’ve even broken the news to your friends and family over the phone.

But what you guys haven’t done so far, is start looking for venues. All because when you tried to do some research online, the sheer number of venues that popped up only ended up making you feel overwhelmed. So, you decided to close your laptop. And focus on those aspects of the wedding planning that are less overwhelming to begin with.

If that’s the case, don’t fret!

Today, we’re going to share some of the most important tips that will make choosing the perfect wedding venue a walk in the park. Don’t believe us? Take a look!

Know What Your Budget Is

Before you can start looking at venues, you need to determine what the budget will be. If you still haven’t done budgeting, you need to sit down with your fiancé to discuss how much you’re willing to spend on the wedding.

Remember to account for all the little details that can drive up your costs before choosing a venue. For example, the type of floral designs you choose for the venue will have a huge impact on your costs. So, make sure to go for options that will help you remain within budget. As you’ll not only have to include the cost for renting out the venue in your budget, but also the cost for hiring vendors, planners and decorators for getting that venue wedding ready.


Finalize Your Vision First

Once you have an idea about your budget, you need to finalize the overall vision of the wedding. For instance, if you’re planning on having a countryside wedding, you need to start looking for outdoor venues such as barns and vineyards. As for outdoor wedding receptions, the scenic backdrops and landscaping are some of the most important factors.

On the other hand, if a traditional wedding is your thing. You’re better off choosing indoor wedding venues.

In short, make sure to shortlist a venue that will enhance your vision and aesthetic of the wedding. This way, what you’ve envisioned for your wedding day will be able to come to life.


Estimate The Guest Count

The number of guests you’ll invite to the wedding, will have a significant impact on your choice of the venue. So, before you fall in love with any venue, have a conversation with your fiancé about the number of guests you’ll be inviting. All of this will save you from any trouble few weeks down the road.

To sum it up, if you’re planning a small intimate wedding affair with only 50 people, you can easily filter out any huge wedding venues. Whereas, if you’re big on inviting everyone, then knowing the guest count will save time. As, you only shortlist venues with a big capacity.


If you’re looking for affordable reception venues in Charlotte, NC, the Barn at Vino has got you covered! From offering venues for barn weddings to vineyard weddings in North Carolina, we’ve been helping our clients create magical memories on their big days.

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