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A Guide to Planning Foolproof Barn Wedding

Lush green rolling fields. Picturesque views. Gentle summer breeze.

For as long as you can remember, you’ve always dreamt of having a barn wedding. The thought of exchanging your vows against the scenic countryside backdrop, has always been your idea of a magical wedding straight out of a storybook. So, you can hardly wait when you and your fiancé finally set a date for the wedding.

But before you roll up your sleeves to start planning, it’s useful to point out that barn weddings can be a tad difficult to pull off. Why?

Because unlike the traditional wedding venues, non-traditional ones come with their own unique set of challenges and a degree of uncertainty. And that’s why, we’ve put together this guide to help you pull off the barn wedding of your dreams without a hitch.

Let’s take a look then, shall we?


Private Bridal & Groom Suites

First thing’s first, make sure any barn you choose for the wedding has a separate area for you and your finance to get ready in. Wedding can be one of the most important days of your life, and the last thing you want is to walk in on the day of the event to see that there’s no private area for dressing up.

So, before you finalize the venue, see if this facility is available or not.

Additionally, you should also double check to ensure that the private area is well-lit. If there aren’t many windows in the room, ask the venue manager to arrange some indoor lightning. This will help you take amazing photographs with the bridesmaid during some of your most intimate bonding moments.


Indoor Bathrooms

Your wedding can be quite a long affair. So, make sure that the barn is equipped with indoor bathrooms for you and the guests.

If the property doesn’t have any indoor bathroom, as is the case with most traditional barns don’t be afraid to discuss various options with your planner. For instance, you can ask them to arrange a mobile restroom trailer for the wedding day. Whatever the case might be, it’s important to make a note of these basic facilities for a smooth wedding day experience.


Adequate Lightning

Nothing kills the magical moment faster than the lack of adequate lightning. After all, you want the fairy lights, chandelier and statement lights to create a magical ambience when you first walk into the barn for the ceremony.  So, make sure to check out the lightning when you tour the property.

If you feel that the barn isn’t well-lit, have an in-depth discussion with the venue manager and the event planner on how to best achieve your vision for a magically lit barn.


Indoor Kitchen Space

Let’s not forget the food!

You and your guests will be hungry after dancing your shoes off.

See if the barn venue offers the facility of an indoor kitchen space with running water. This will help the caterers prepare the food well without compromising on the quality.


If you’re looking for barn wedding venues near Greensboro, NC with modern facilities get in touch with the Barn at Vino. From offering affordable outdoor wedding venues to indoor ones, our property is perfect for just about any special event that you might want to arrange!

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